About Linebacker

We love recruitment. We are recruiters with backgrounds in corporates and internal recruitment and we operate with warmth, enthusiasm, ethics, empathy, respect, integrity, trust, transparency and hospitality. We enjoy confidence of the candidates as well as the clients and regards recruitment as service to community or humanity. They find it easier to deal with us in a more relaxed and open way.

"We are in the business of matching the best professional and best employers".

Our every re-search is deep, we try to convince ourselves that we have scanned beyond the horizon, geography and covered benchmark organization.

We provide permanent and contractual recruitment services to the external and internal recruitment industries. Sourcing high quality professionals at all levels and all industry specializations. We are innovators, thought leaders and avid networkers who share a genuine passion for the recruitment industry as a whole.

Linebacker Consulting LLP is based in north west Mumbai and provides a range of professional services to the Indian recruitment community

Linebacker Consulting LLP is formed by the professionals who have extensive service experience experience in some well known and Indian brands in India. The experience covers HR management and operations of Pharma, IT, Logistics, Infra, BFSI and manufacturing.

We know what to look for in the candidates more than many others. Experience HR professional can tell you that there is qualitative difference in profile sourced by those who have thorough industry experience and others who have not worked in standard organisations.

Excellence and quality matters, the potential impact of candidate matters, they make world of difference to your outcomes and deliverables, we constantly look for those qualities.

Search is team work and even junior level vacancy is searched by recruiter who has decade experience in industry. Values do not come easily, insight matters.

Linebacker Consulting LLP always delivers.