This service envisages selection of specific professional indicated or sought by the Customer.

Main technique for selection is the active search of candidates in the companies with profiles similar to the profiles of Customer-companies, among those, which already proved to be successful in business.

Service is carried out in several steps:

Preliminary consultations: analysis of the Company and the requirements to the Candidate, search strategy, project appraisal

Market survey: detection of the best Companies in the area, search for the Candidates in these companies, shortlisting potential Candidates

Selection of the Candidates: acquaintance and personal meetings with the Candidates, analysis of qualification, motivating factors, successful experience and etc., selection of the most fitting Candidate by the Customer

Meeting with the Customer: arranging meeting of the Candidates with the immediate Employer

Upon selection, entering into contract: participation, when necessary, of consultant on selection of the staff in entering labor contract between the Customer and the Candidate

Warranty support: supervision of the order during warranty period, detection and solution of problem points

Linebacker Consulting believes in thorough mapping of industry and its ecosystem, sometimes the best candidate comes from ecosystem who can bring fresh view. Again the impact potential of the candidate matters most. We strive to detect impact potential of more than 25% than normal, it means that the selected candidates should be able to deliver more value to your organisation.