Performance Management on Site/off Site

Many businesses notices that the link between the business outcomes and employee contribution is week and does not evoke power boost in times of rapid response to a situation developing. We at Linebacker Consulting LLP helps them by taking right steps in designing effective PMS systems.

Our clients have reported significant response development once such system has been placed.

Growth, talent identification, reward, recognition & promotions are interwoven and important part of building performance culture, however while designing a system equity & fairness issues are not to be forgotten, we have the industry experience and sensitivity to propose integrated solution approach.

We design the right PMS for your industry & size and ease of administration

We understand the employees sensitivity on equity and fairness

We understand that business growth targets have to be cascaded & set at team and individual level

We design goal setting instrument & process with talent identification feature

We can define rating scale, achievement factors and establish linkages with rewards, increments

We can design apt promotion policy to ensure that org structure remains high tensile at all times

We undertake administration of yearly PMS process from goal setting to appraisals, moderations to rolling out yearly increment letters

We can design customized PMS workflow solution for your organization