Retained Executive Search

Executive search is targeted, direct search and selection of the top level managers. Main purpose of Executive search is ensuring the superiority of our Customer over competitors, achieving fastest development of new direction or settling the crisis situation at the Customer-company.

Professional and thorough executive search practices for Senior, Heads & leadership positions, including industry mapping, in-depth research and professional, confidential approaches.

Executive search is not only efficient and high precision selection of top managers, but also is the set of activities on market survey and detection of leading professionals so that the Customer will be proposed the professionals with the best expertise working on the market.

The 'Executive Search Service' can be required if you need

Best of the best Candidates in the market; we do methodical, extensive, reportable market scan

Start-up Managers -People who are capable to launch new project

Managers – Capable of fueling growth engine and raise the Company into the leaders of the market share

Managers – Capable to rebuild the Company, i.e. make its system, process driven and attractive for shareholders and investors

Who are sort of brands on to themselves, sought after names with proven track record of capability and delivery in industry, acquiring them on your list of 'Key Managerial Personnel' is advantageous in valuation game, DRHP, or attracting investment in the company makes lot of sense. Ideal for investor relations profile.