Ethical code of Linebacker consulting LLP

Ethical code of LBC:

Privacy policy: any information received from the Customer is not disclosed without its prior permission.

Preparation of objective and precise information about the Candidate.

Non-enticing of the employees of the Customer-company.

Guarantee of replacement of the selected Candidate in case of his/her early release or retirement.

Maintaining of permanent contacts with the Customer on all stages of search.

Monitoring and addressing arising problems on the stage of probation period.

Since 2010, LBC is finding the best experts for foreign and local companies operating in India.

Confidence of our Customers and Applicants is our main asset in work.

The meaning of the word recruitment originates from French recruit, to recruit, i.e. take on somebody, enlist, employ for money.

At present, it's used for short to mean search and selection of qualified professionals on paid basis.

Unlike employment services, where the agency charges the applicant, the recruitment agency enters into contract with the client company and, accordingly, gets honorarium from the client company.

LBC provides wide range of services in selection of staff on different areas and directions for achieving objectives of development of business of its Customers. For search of staff, we use unique system which represents combination consisting of several components, including:
Internal search: data base, use of personal contacts, references;
External search: placing the information in electronic, printed media, use of other types of advertisement, dissemination of targeted dispatches to candidates, direct queries to higher educational institutions;
Targeted search: attraction of specific candidates. Timeframes of selection of staff may vary from 2 hours up to 2 weeks.

In what cases do they normally apply for services of the LBC;

The Employer is facing urgency in selection of the necessary staff (receipt of large order, resignation or long sick leave of staff, when themselves have found no replacement and others);

There is need to observe privacy policy of search of the staff: the Company does not want the competitors (staff) see the information;

The Company cannot hire permanent staff on search and selection of employees into the human resource department or HR division does not exist at all;

Human resource department does not have sufficient information resource, data base, skilled reserve to deal with high profile candidates;

Where such high profile candidates engage in deliberate posturing by way of protracted negotiations which may fail, we have the negotiations skills and sensitivities to ensure that the candidate is brought to the table and ensures that such negotiations do no fail with the consequences of loss of candidate capable of delivering high value.

Management of the Company (human resource department) understands the need of having external expertise, soft skills, convincing ability, mediation of expert firm to dig out those high profile candidate who are in hunkered down (seat out) position, to saving the time and money in search, to independently review of all.

Your secret Core HR, your reserve force HR beyond the limitations of headcount who can augment your total HR recruitment capability, second line to back you, when faced with point pressure. potential applicants, their resumes, interviews and etc.